’7DRL’ – Seven Day Roguelike challenge

I’m participating in the ’7DRL 2012′ challenge, with my first attempt at a roguelike game. I’ve wanted to try to make a game like this for a while, so the week long challenge is perfect for me to get my feet wet. I had a bit of a slow start, but I now have some level generation working and tile based movement. Going to work on level generator until the end of the day then press on with gameplay.


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  1. Darren Christie Says:

    Hi saw a tweet of yours on twitter I can’t ask in there as I have to lock my account (which is a pain in situations like this). Would you be prepared to share the advice you received on the procedural level generation?
    Also I work at Peterborough Regional College, and would love to have you come in to talk to my students about game development.

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