play ‘Nyan Nyan Stack’

Over the weekend I worked on a game for Ludumdare 22 on the theme of ‘Alone’. ┬áThe original upload had some critical bugs, but I’ve fixed that now and made it available on Mac and browser too. Play it here, or download it from the LD site.

Please let me know what you think! :)


5 Responses to “play ‘Nyan Nyan Stack’”

  1. Peter Says:

    It’s very cute, and I like the item double-jump mechanic. But a critical jump on the second level where your character is off-screen? I kept failing at that :(

  2. Hayden Scott-Baron Says:

    Peter – I thought I had fixed that bug! you’re not supposed to be able to get on top of there! :D That’s totally not the solution.

  3. Mike Says:

    After way too many attempts I had to give up on level 3. Consistently jumping that low is proving too much for my laptop/keyboard/fingers. It’s super cute and I like the idea!

  4. Peter Says:

    Ah, that totally makes sense now, I was being silly XD It’s hard as nails though – I had to skip level 3, but just about managed 4 and 5.

  5. gs Says:

    finally beat all levels!
    a bit tricky, but very rewarding, and love the overall design ^_^
    more levels nyan?

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